The 16 Socionics types are divided into groups of four known as "quadras." Within each quadra is each type's identity, mirror, dual, and activity relations. (See "Intertype Relations" column for further explanation.) For example, referring to the NiFe, the Beta quadra contains NiFe (their identity), FeNi (their mirror), SeTi (their dual), and TiSe


Description. Each quadra can be understood by the value traits applied to individual elements (valued Fi vs subdued Fe, for example), and then by how 

A quadra is a group of four socionic types which have the same valued Sociolekter - Google Sites Socionics Quadras Sociodrama - Wikipedia  Socionics. typer av informationssäkerhet. 16 sociotypes fördelade på fyra Quadras - system med en hög grad av komfort, bestående av 4 sociotypes vardera. Socionics Types · Socionics Quadras · Socionext America · Socionics Vs Mbti · Tegn På Depression Hos Mænd · Arvsanlag · St Bernard Vikt · Tuotevastuu.

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Posted by 5 hours ago. Quadras interpretation. Alpha. 27. Beta. 26. Gamma.

The scientific basis of Socionics was created in early 70-th of the XX century by Aušra Augustinavičiūtė (Lithuania). Socionics is a further development of Jung and Myers-Briggs typology transformed into a science of 16 psychological types of personality.

Quadra Values - Dual Seeking - Alpha - Beta - Gamma - Delta Quadra Values The 16 Socionics types are divided into groups of four known as "quadras." Within 

Quadras are groups of 4 types that share the same valued aspects. This means that each Quadra shares a similiar outlook and that the types within the Quadra have a better understanding of each other. Other socionists, such as Valentina Meged and Aleksandr Bukalov, have also written on how type influences behavior in intimate relationships, but discussed typical behavior within quadras. Gulenko's approach was to find common ground between types of different quadras.

Tender touches and caresses distinguish the sexual program of the 1st Quadra (Alpha). In the dual couple The Searcher/The Mediator partners ‘love each other by skin’, as if dissolving in each other’s embraces. Both The Mediator and The Bonvivant, being sensory types, …

Test eller  I språket av socionics betyder det: välj en partner bland sina quadra. Quadra - en Fysiologiskt - blodgrupp, psykologiska - för socionic Quadras. Människor  The concept behind Socionics is similar to that of MBTI and other personality systems. Types by Quadra (And here's an article on Quadras.) Click on the type​  0827 · Bienvenidos en la web oficial de la familia Vidal-Quadras.

You can see this by the prevalence of NT themed forums, Discord servers etc. (the MBTI subreddit even sorts the links to the typed subreddits this way) This seems to me a strange way to group types, in the context of Socionics.
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Alpha on a mental level is the most immature out of the 4 quadras. Socionics quadras in explained by Victor Gulenko the most cited living socionist. Victor Gulenko's socionics book in English: Beta Quadra – World Socionics Society.

Remember that these types are not a direct translation since the functions are defined so differently between MBTI, OPS, and Socionics.
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Socionics (Sociônica) é uma teoria da interação pessoal baseada em padrões de seleção e processamento de Quadra Alpha (IMs Valorizados: Ti, Fe, Si, Ne) .

Quadras: Alpha · Beta · Gamma · Delta. Beta quadra Beta types are defined as the ones that value Fe, Ti, Yeah this is how quadras work. Same MBTI functions or duality of functions in socionics. The quadras are related types.

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2.3k members in the Socionics community. A Place to Talk All Things Socionics Please read the rules and sub wiki before posting. Sub logo by Andrew …

Gulenko's approach was to find common ground between types of different quadras. Socionics QuadrasAlpha: NTP/SFJBeta: STP/NFJGamma: SFP/NTJDelta: NFP/STJIn this video I explain how the quadras work and what the differences are within each 2016-10-21 · Socionics Quadras move in a very similar manner to the Four Worlds of Creation in Kabbalah. The movements and essence of the two models are given here: The Socionics Quadras and their functions: Alpha - generation of new concepts, building insightful theories Beta - testing the ideas by appying them in practice Gamma - making them useful, profitable,… Socionics theory. Quadras: Alpha · Beta · Gamma · Delta. Alpha quadra Alpha types are defined as the ones that value Ne, Si, The Socionics Quadras Alpha.